Launch Event: 1st Thursdays 04.11.21

We are so excited to welcome you all to our first time joining the 1st Thursdays lineup for Cape Town. We will be featuring a wonderfully diverse group of local artists, showcasing their unique talents.

Each month we will showcase different individuals, creatives, artists, performers, musicians, and even some of the Western Cape’s distilleries, breweries, and wineries.

Please join us for our first-ever time participating on 04 November 2021 from 17:00 – 20:00 at 186 Loop Street, 4th Floor Elkay House.

We will also have a custom HOUSE OF_ demo office available for you to try out, chat with our team and learn more about our HOUSE in the city.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Our Artist Lineup for November:

Tiko Ngobeni

My work is mainly about the beauty and mystery of Africa and her children. In this 21st century, I explore and learn about ancient African culture and identity, the community, food, life and where it is headed now. I am intrigued by Africa’s soul and wish to capture it in its purest form and share my view of the Magical continent and her story. I work with pencil, oil paint, pens, charcoal and acrylics.

Lauren Nel

Hey there! I’m an illustrator and product designer living and working in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. I love painting in watercolor and Procreate.

I have an affinity for cats, plants and expressing human nature through art. I love childrens’ book illustration and still believe books can change the world.

Allison Brennan

I am a recent graduate from the red and yellow school of marketing and business where I majored in Illustration.

This series of work is based on my original character Wheredragon in combination with prompts related to a peachtober challenge given by Sha’an D’anthes. I strive to tell stories with my illustrations and have my audience feel a sense of emotion.

Jordan Schiffer

Jordan is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator from Cape Town. Her work displays a love for experimentation and imperfection.

She designs with a modern twist with the guidance of nostalgia. Jordan is driven by creativity and exploration, she uses bold colors with pattern work creating a distinct look and feel.

Simthandile Witbooi

Simthandile Lisakhanya Witbooi is a Cape Town based mixed media artist and writer. She predominantly does portraits depicting people of colour in a contemporary and aesthetic light. She visually captures each individual’s unique essence and style through a variety of textures, images, colours, collages and other forms of materiality that are interwoven to form the artwork.

Her body of work aims to be a reflection of the eclectic and diverse identity of people of colour. She also experiments with other styles, media and ideas through separate collections, series and works.

Ann Rabonowitz

I am a self-taught abstract artist.

I was a medical professional who did a bit of art as a hobby for relaxation mainly in coloured pencils. COVID hit and hard lockdown ensued, I needed something to help me to deal with the physical and emotional trauma that I was dealing with on a daily basis, that’s when I started painting and found my passion.

Every painting I create has a little piece of my soul in it.

Ethereal Fungus

My name is Nishaat, but I would like you to see me as an ethereal fungus. I am an artist specializing in animation and graphic design.

Picture this, you are going about your daily life doing your daily tasks, fully encompassed in the routine you have built for yourself when something breaks your focus. It is a slight scent that was not there before, and you close your eyes to try and put a name to it.

The smell of rolling mist and fallen leaves, damp earth as if a storm has just passed. You hear a trickling stream and feel soft sunlight dancing on your skin filtering through the swaying leaves above.

With your eyes closed, you are transported into a different plane of existence, the one created in my mind. Things feel familiar, you know for a fact that you have encountered these scenes before, but looking closer you can distinguish this from your reality. There is a tinge of magic to it, giving the art a life of its own and with each piece you are witnessing, you are feeling what reality is to them.


NOSPACEZONE is a 21-year-old mixed media artist. Although often exploring abstract expressionism, she calls herself a mixed media artist as she chooses to stray away from the pursuit of a specific type of style or medium instead aiming to experiment with as much as possible, pushing her own limits as well as the limits of her work. She calls her work “subconscious creation” as it isn’t premeditated and barely projected onto by her as the artist. “Like most artists have experienced at some point, we become vessels of our work. I feel that instead of planning a piece or following a specific methodology, I uncover and discover the already formed piece as I continue: the piece works to emerge itself through me, taking me on a journey in the process.”

She chooses to work under the name “NOSPACEZONE” inspired by her father’s notion of a safe and vulnerable space shared between people in which one’s truth can be heard, explored and understood with no judgement. “Because my work is so subconscious and becomes an outlet for my emotions and often emotional turmoil, my creative process forms the no-space zone I hold for myself and hopefully with whoever connects with what I create.”

Pieter Lubbe

Pieter Lübbe is a South African-born fine artist based in Cape Town.

Since his recent return from living abroad in Europe for a couple of years, Pieter has been exhibiting at multiple galleries and exhibition spaces in and around Cape Town as well as online art shows and competitions.

The works that have been on display are a true reflection of his versatility in technique and medium, scattered across a wide spectrum.

In his most recent body of work, the artist draws references to, and inspiration from an array of influences, such as intercultural dynamics, his linguistic background, living in, and travelling through Europe, as well as art movements ranging from pop art to impressionism and contemporary art.

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