1st Thursdays 03.03.22

First Thursdays (Flyer) 03 Feb 22

AND it’s happening again!

Our beautiful and vibrant city boasts many varied individuals’ stories. We all seek out and express our versions of it uniquely. This month at HOUSE OF_ we have called on local creatives to showcase with us their own personal interpretations of their surroundings.

How have our locals found inspiration in the Mother City and manifested it in their creative outputs?

Join us this week Thursday 3/3 from 17:00 – 20:00 to see the beautiful artworks and have a glass of wine, bring friends, make an evening out of it!

📍 186 Loop St, 4th Fpoor Elkay House

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Our Artist Lineup


Gabriela Valerio

Olà, my name is Gabriela Valério and I love making Art. I use Art to express myself when there are no words i can put together to define what I’m feeling.

It is more than drawing to me, it is the story of my life.

Hope I can inspire you to make art too.


Nhlalala Mageza

Nhlalala Mageza is a multi displinary artist born in Johannesburg and currently working and living in Cape Town. She completed her Bachelors degree in Architecture in 2019.

Her first experiences as an artist began in her formative years and carried through to high school and tertiary. Her work explores form and space and aim to celebrate and bring confidence, influenced by her architectural studies. Recently, her work is introspective of her experiences as black


Nerissa Pather

I am a Cape Town based Graphic design freelancer, Finished artist and Flowerchild- working full-time and journeying for magic & joy in my spare time.

Graduated in 2013 from CPUT with a National Diploma in Graphic Design, I found a passion for packaging early and I completed my post-graduate year in Visual Communication Design last year.

I enjoy all things related to nature, it’s systems and the adventure of growing (and eating)


Colleen Bester

I am a Cape Town based, self-taught artist working in the acrylic medium who would love the opportunity to showcase my work.

The love of painting surfaced during lockdown about a year and a half ago and has become an all-consuming way of expressing myself.

I mostly created monochromatic pieces but am currently working on abstract pieces with more color.


Keith Johnson

My art is inspired by the rich diversity of shapes, colours, tones and textures that make up this beautiful city of Cape Town.

I see Art as a silent communication with others.It is and invitation to share a moment, a perspective, an observation with others. A way of conversing beyond language. And sharing a universal, visceral response to the world around us. It is a conversation that is larger and longer than any single piece of artwork.

My intention is to be part of, and to contribute to that conversation through my own creative exploration.


Nicole van Wyk

I’ve always loved art, but I only started taking my craft more seriously a few years ago. Some of my favourite mediums so far are ink, watercolour and mixed media, but I dabble in various mediums from time to time.

Art has been a form of therapy for me over the years and I’ve often allowed it to speak to and through me when thoughts and words have failed. I have a particular soft spot for contemporary art and enjoy making things from the heart that might resonate with others on a deeper level. I do also enjoy the occasional vintage car and protea as well.


Khomotso Phetla

My name is khomotso Phetla from Limpopo in a small village called Magukubjane, now residing at Cape Town, Bellville. I am 20 years old, I started having the love for Art back when I was a kid even my mom used to tell me that, when I was kid, I used to play and create objects with food instead of eating.

I am very interested in making sculptures, oil paintings and Charcoal, and this are the mediums I use to portray and convey my messages. I’m a cultural person, so most of my work is African style.


Lesley Krone
@Lesley Nolwandle Art

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