1st Thursdays 03.01.22

First Thursdays (Flyer) 03 Feb 22

AND it’s happening again!

We’ve decided to carry on the fun on 03 February 2022 with the next @firstthursdays_za and we wanted to give you a heads up so you can save the date!

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Our Artist Lineup:


Saarah Richards

I’m Saarah Richards, a self-taught artist born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Born in the year 1998, I began my art journey during high school in 2014 but only started actively pursuing art in the lockdown of 2020.

I began by using mostly acrylic paint and graphite pencil but later decided that charcoal was my chosen medium, however, I do still enjoy using acrylic paint and have recently ventured into clay sculpting.


Taahirah Luddy

Taahirah is a 21-year-old experimental artist living in Cape Town who is
constantly challenging herself and trying new art styles and mediums.

Ranging from portraits to dark art, landscape art, digital art, and her
current style is a combination of pop art and street art on canvas.


Kamy Schiffer

My primary medium of art is photography, as it is very dear to me – you can re-live any moment at any time, I find it spectacular. I am an artist of all trades, I love DIY, I paint, crochet, and do woodwork, and in the last couple of years, I dedicated time to my mandala work.

The mandalas for me are a beautiful way to relax, re-center, and really express myself. To my understanding, a mandala signifies “a new beginning”. 


Hannah Yason

Hannah Yason is a visionary and intuitive artist from London, UK (b.1979). 

Her passion for the process and art as medicine was further ignited by an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy course (Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education, London 2010).


Tiffany Onderstall

Art has been an important part of my life since I was 6 years old, leaning more towards ‘food for the soul’ rather than a career. Until 2020 changed everyone’s life and I decided to combine my passion with my career.

As an artist, I play around with mediums, concepts, and styles to push my own boundaries. I may not know exactly where the final destination is, but the journey itself has been astounding.


Aneesa Loonat

Born in Port Elizabeth in 1984, Aneesa completed a BTech in Fine Art majoring in painting from Nelson Mandela University in 2016. While completing her studies, she was a merit award winner for the Sasol New Signatures competition; a finalist for The SA Taxi Awards as well as for Newnownext held by Gallery Noko.

Now residing on a farm in Paradyskloof, she is exploring various subject matter and forms of art such as collage, printmaking, etc.


Cinzia Swartz

I’m a full-time Traditional Artist and Freelance Graphic designer based in Cape Town. I mainly focus on watercolour and gouache paintings and also use other mediums like acrylic paint and graphite.

Creating art to me is magical and brings me comfort. My goal is so that people can find comfort and peace in art.


Renaldo Pool

26-year old, Renaldo Pool chose a different career path than intended but post-covid opened his eyes to where his true passion lies and took him back to that place of vulnerability, and allowed him to rediscover his true self. One where he’s most alive when he’s creating, albeit photography, content creation or painting. He started experimenting with watercolour paint during lockdown 2020 and started doing commissions from October 2021.

From November 2021 he started sketching buildings and scenes around Cape Town from photos he took in 2020-2021, which resulted in the 13-piece Urban Affair Collection. An ode to Cape Town with it’s rich and colourful history and people, with a slight exaggeration of the natural elements highlighting the urban jungle we call home.

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