1st Thursdays 02.12.21

AND it’s happening again!

After such a great turnout at our last (and very first) event at the beginning of November, we decided to carry on the fun on 02 December with the next @firstthursdays_za and we wanted to give you a heads up so you can save the date!

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Our Artist Lineup for December:

Thaakirah Miller

Thaakirah Miller, also known as Ducky is a Cape Town Based Illustrator and baker.

Inspired by nature, space, her Cape Malay culture, and the ongoing journey of discovering one’s identity through creative expression.

The use of neutral tones and flat shapes while contrasting it with detailed line work speaks to the layered duality of life pulled through the collection.

The viewer is invited to give your own meaning to the pieces for once it is viewed by you, you give it life by giving it meaning.

Ann Rabonowitz

I am a self-taught abstract artist.

I was a medical professional who did a bit of art as a hobby for relaxation mainly in coloured pencils. COVID hit and hard lockdown ensued, I needed something to help me to deal with the physical and emotional trauma that I was dealing with on a daily basis, that’s when I started painting and found my passion.

Every painting I create has a little piece of my soul in it.

Anda Mncayi

Anda Mncayi, also known as Andadawg, is a Cape Town based graphic artist. He studied graphic design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and later studied concept art at the Academy Of Digital Arts.

Anda started drawing and sketching at a young age and developed himself from there. He is known as a visionary concept artist who actively utilizes his talents to create art for advertising, merchandise, and album covers.

Virginie Harel

Virginie Harel, also known as iSpyVenus, is a Cape Town based mixed media artist & photographer.

Inspired & fascinated by fantasy worlds, the origin of ancient geological & cosmic phenomena including the natural world, the cosmos & the greater unknown, her work is a celebration of the glory of creation as we know it & an interpretation of what could lie beyond the extremities of our human imaginations.

Tshidzo Mangena

Tshidzo is inspired and driven by the stories and faces of the African people. Raised in
Hazyview, Mpumalanga, Tshidzo has been greatly influenced by his own diverse
heritage, and the steep, rich culture of his country, and Africa as a whole. He considers himself a storyteller, bringing to life vivid images of the beauty, mystery and force of Africa.

Tshidzo started working in charcoal and pastels, and now enjoys flowing mediums like oils and acrylic, which allow for spontaneous and expressive palette and brush application, which he prefers.

Tinashe Mkart

Tinashe Mk is an abstract artist based in Cape Town; His work is inspired by God, Faces and Architecture as well as geometrical shapes.

The main purpose for my work is to evoke you and make you realize, what the world has distracted you from. – TINASHE MK

Cinzia Swartz

I’m a full-time Traditional Artist and Freelance Graphic designer based in Cape Town.

I mainly focus on watercolour and gouache paintings and also use other mediums like acrylic paint and graphite.

Creating art to me is magical and brings me comfort. My goal is so that people can find comfort and peace in art.

Herschel Links

I’m Yolk, a cartoonist/illustrator

I focused on drawing cartoons, which I always enjoyed drawing but was too shy to express it as I got older, but now I am out of my shell and pouring out what was kept inside, pushing to get better and finding many ways to express it.

Bronwyn Neethling

My pronouns are sw/ag

Essentially a sketch artist exploring the world of acrylics. She has a curious nature for nonsensical beauty inspiring her to create visual depth using shapes that intersect, overlap and pile up, offering a moment or pause in her abstract work.

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